BlueGriffon logoIn the beginning was Netscape Gold. Then Mozilla Composer. From the ashes of Netscape and the code of Mozilla Composer came Nvu. Nvu had a cousin, KompoZer. But all this tools now belong to History and are extinct or on path to extinction.

In the meantime, Mozilla brought Firefox to the masses and its rendering engine, Gecko, has the power to fuel a next-generation wysiwyg editor for the World Wide Web. This editor is BlueGriffon™. Stay tuned !


1. On Tuesday 30 September 2008, 10:26 by Kroc Camen

You've got Coda to compete against now, when you say "next-generation"; it had better be ;)

2. On Tuesday 30 September 2008, 11:05 by monk.e.boy

thank you!! this is the most requested app from all my firefox friends. The web needs to be read-write!!


3. On Tuesday 30 September 2008, 11:06 by Jean

un petit mot pour encourager les bonnes initiatives!!! Courage! et merci...

4. On Tuesday 30 September 2008, 11:17 by Laurentj

manual trackback :-) http://ljouanneau.com/blog/post/200...

5. On Tuesday 30 September 2008, 11:48 by Bertrand Germain

wonderful :), I will try it as soon as it's released !

6. On Tuesday 30 September 2008, 12:30 by JB

Bon courage dans ce projet !
Je ne dois pas être le seul à être impatient de tester ça ;-)