January 2004

Saturday 31 January 2004

try Starbucks Paris, if you can...

Friday 30 January 2004

Anti-Darwinians strike again


Microsoft is network's Chicxulub

Nvu progress 20040130

Combles de la connerie et du monopole réunis

Thursday 29 January 2004

Kevin Carmony on Mozilla and Nvu

Chiffres ronds

Wednesday 28 January 2004

Opera plays it again with MSR; me too :-)

Tuesday 27 January 2004

Why you should switch to Nvu

That's our jargon, and it's pure Klingon to non-geeks

Monday 26 January 2004

Nvu progress 20040126

Rappelez-vous, rappelez-lui, c'est important

Sunday 25 January 2004

Unordered, like always

Isaac Newton, Mick Jagger, Tim Berners-Lee... and Bill Gates

Friday 23 January 2004

Microsoft is not micro-soft

Abbreviations in Microsoft Internet Explorer!!!

Thursday 22 January 2004

This is not Flash

(Obituary) La tactique tic-tac du Ticky, telle quelle

LEN for english readers

Wednesday 21 January 2004


Total chaos ahead

Si vous avez quelqu'un à insulter...

Templates in Composer/Nvu


Tuesday 20 January 2004

Nvu progress 20040120

In the name of his name

Monday 19 January 2004

Nvu progress 20040119

#mozilla fun

Sunday 18 January 2004

Film industry shooting itself in the foot

Merde au Monde, encore une fois

Saturday 17 January 2004

Source of the XBL wrapper for Internet Explorer's HTCs

Michèle Alliot-Marie

Tristan, vainqueur dans la catégorie Altavista

Krups vs. Zithromax

Friday 16 January 2004

Rue des petites perles

Nvu progress 20040116

Thursday 15 January 2004

En vrac

iTunes and nVidia transparency #2

Flat documents and CSS 3 Indirect Adjacent Combinator

LEN #2

An XBL wrapper for Internet Explorer's HTCs!!!

Wednesday 14 January 2004

Franco-french issue, sorry

1 every 4 years

Nvu progress 20040114

All praise David Baron!

Is this the world we created?

Tuesday 13 January 2004

Eclat de rire vespéral

Good ideas in MS Word

XML and the Web

Monday 12 January 2004

Mefiez-vous des politiciens quand ils parlent de science

Nvu progress 20040112

Spécial copains

Saturday 10 January 2004


iTunes' transparency

Badly surrounded?

Friday 9 January 2004

More brand necrophilia

Where do you want to crash today ?

McFarlane on Mozilla and Composer

Thursday 8 January 2004

He competes for the Asshole Award 2004

Wednesday 7 January 2004

Tranche de vie

AOL Europe, someone is watching you

Bloat, bloat, bloat :-/

Tuesday 6 January 2004

Nvu progress, and beyond

Nvu progress 20040106

Monday 5 January 2004

Did the US want to install a modern democracy in Afghanistan ?

Your geekiest present

Sunday 4 January 2004

Nostalgies part 4

Standalone Composer and Nvu, do _you_ want to dance with us ?

Personal message...

Saturday 3 January 2004

A very bad start for 2004...

Friday 2 January 2004

Composer/Nvu progress 20040102


Eleven months of fun

Nvu progress 20040102

Resolutions (unordered) for 2004