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Saturday 23 December 2006

Who said it's not a crusade after all

Excerpt from the Concord Standard, about Republican congressman Robert Hayes:

"He also said stability in Iraq ultimately depends on "spreading the message of Jesus Christ, the message of peace on earth, good will towards men "

"Everything depends on everyone learning about the birth of the savior.", he said"

(important disclaimer : I have no paper copy of this newspaper and it's not available on the web, so I cannot be sure in any way this is not a fake ; this article is written and posted assuming it's not one)

Monday 11 December 2006


Ce qui est incroyable dans cette histoire, ce n'est pas qu'une mère complètement à côté de ses pompes appelle la police parce qu'un enfant de douze ans a ouvert un paquet de Noël, mais que ce soit l'enfant que la police arrête et pas la mère ! La mère a certes besoin d'une thérapie, mais le flic a surtout besoin d'un bon coup de pied au cul...

Thursday 9 November 2006

Black celebrations

  • Sunday the 5th of november 2006 : death penalty for Saddam Hussein.
  • Wednesday the 8th of november 2006 : political death penalty for Donald Rumsfeld.


Monday 6 November 2006

A tree hiding the forest

So Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death... In France, his two best friends Jacques C. and Jean-Pierre C. made no comments. Of course, I am no supporter of the death penalty. But the death penalty and the fate of Hussein is not the subject of this post. I just wanted to say that if the White House commented so loudly on this death sentence, it's probably because it gives an image of a country where Justice really exists, and where you face a trial if you're a criminal. The truth is of course completely different, and Iraq is now a synonym for chaos. The US army controls the country less and less every day, its soldiers are attacked more and more every day, and Iraqis die just like tree leaves in automn.

Saddam Hussein's trial is a parody of justice. Not because of the trial itself, the way it was handled or its result, but because it's a nice green tree hiding the dying black forest, because saying this trial was successful is one more dishonoring step in the propaganda trying to persuade us the war in Iraq was a good thing.

Sunday 5 November 2006

Iron curtain

In 1991, all citizens living at the east of the iron curtain gained back freedom to travel. 2007, citizens of the only superpower at the west of the iron curtain may lose their freedom to travel. Who won the Cold War again ?

Note to my american friends : such a decision would trigger a revolution in Europe. People would be in the streets, demonstrating before rioting. What is really amazing is not HSA's proposal, it's the lack of reaction of the citizens. In the name of security, you accept freedom restrictions far beyond what's usually needed to call a country a dictatorship...

Friday 15 September 2006

Old continent

What ? What do you mean the US Law and Illinois Law does not apply on British soil ???

Monday 28 August 2006

GOP, deep and dumb, deeper and dumber

No comment...

Wednesday 16 August 2006


evolution poll
Source: NYT

Monday 7 August 2006

Fucking puritanism

babytalk coverApparently, this image, that no european would ever care of, the cover of Babytalk magazine shocked so many people in the US it triggered a new poll : 57% of the people are against breast-feeding a baby in public and an incredible 72% think it's unappropriate to show breast-feeding of a baby on television. A mother of a four month old baby sent this line to Babytalk to complain "Gross, I am sick of seeing a baby attached to a boob". Oh dear, she needs a shrink ! And another one wrote "I was offended and it made my husband very uncomfortable when I left the magazine on the coffee table." Well, if her husband is "very uncomfortable" because of such a cover, there are only two options : (a) he's a lier (b) a very partial view of a woman's breast gave him an erection, he and his wife having two children because they had sex only twice... Gayle Ash, of Belton, Texas, even said ''A breast is a breast -- it's a sexual thing" ; Gayle, you should really document yourself about this part of your anatomy before making yourself totally ridiculous in all the newspapers of the world.

A famous french author mocked, 342 years ago, religious posers : "Cachez ce sein que je ne saurais voir". The US should start living in the 21st century and forget about the 17th...

BTW, in Sweden, nearly 100% of women breast-feed babies. In public. In Spain, that's an outstanding 92% if I recall correctly.

Oh, and while we're here, sex is good.

Update: merci à PolarPaulo de m'avoir passé le lien vers le sexoblogomachin de Maïa Mazaurette, qui comme d'habitude pour ce qui touche à la femme quand elle a l'idée saugrenue de vouloir ou apprécier être mère, se déchaîne et se rend - de mon point de vue en tous cas - encore plus ridicule que les puritains américains sur le sujet. Ne pas rater non plus certains des commentaires sur son article, pesant de peanuts garanti...

Sunday 11 June 2006


Detain people without trial, without any perspective, without visits, and sometimes without reason. They hang themselves. Did they commit suicide ? Nope. They did an "an act of asymmetric warfare". The Bush administration clearly won today the world championship of stupidity...

Friday 26 May 2006

Oh darling

Oh darling...

Wednesday 26 April 2006

This man has a sense of humor

Rumsfeld said today about Iraq "This is a sovereign country, and they are making impressive progress". Yep, their use of the AK47, hand grenades and road mines improve every day :-/

Thursday 20 April 2006

Who is at the White House :-)

So Hu is at the White House today. Time to resurrect that old joke.

Sunday 19 March 2006

Comics and detective stories

Jacques Attali, former "special advisor" (hear "sherpa") to french president Mitterrand tells this story about George Bush (the father) inviting Mitterrand and his team in his family house in New England ; Attali spent the night in George Walker Bush's personal bedroom, and he was told him nothing was removed or even moved because of his presence. So he took a look at George W. Bush's books, and was amazed to see only a few comics and detective stories, nothing else... Hum. How surprising :-)

CNN propaganda

On CNN's home page, France is burning again. I guess they have nothing more interesting to lie about today... So dear american friends : NO, it's not another revolution, yes these are very very small uncontrolled groups of extremist people taking advantage of students' demonstrations to instill chaos, yes everything is under control. Turn off CNN and go back to real life.

Wednesday 8 March 2006

South Dakota, a taliban state

Since last monday, abortion is a crime in South Dakota, even in case of rape or incest. Dear American friends, you should really consider dropping your "bible belt", it's a burden that ridicule the US world-wide... How can the US teach the rest of the world the Middle Age is over when they have the Middle Age at home ?

Wednesday 22 February 2006

Dick Cheney's got a gun

ROFL ! (source: beaufour)

Friday 20 January 2006

US Justice Department asks Google (and others) for logs of search terms

Robert Accettura has a nice suggestion. I start right now.

Tuesday 10 January 2006

2,000,000,000,000 !

That's a so large number you probably have to count the zeroes to read it in english... And that's the estimated cost in US$ of the Iraq war... "The Cicada and the Ant" is still a good read.

Tuesday 20 December 2005

Intelligent Decision vs. Intelligent Design

Yay !

" Federal judge rules "intelligent design" cannot be included in Pennsylvania public school biology courses. "

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