Tuesday 1 September 2009

Apple, I am angry! #2

Last june, I complained about iTunes not letting me download the photos in my own iPod. I had just no possibility at all to extract one of my own photos from my own iPod into my own computer without buying a third-party tool...

Today, by pure chance, I found a workaround:

  1. connect your ipod/iphone to your mac
  2. launch Preview (Aperçu in french)
  3. select menu item File > Import an Image
  4. be happy...

If Preview can do it so trivially, could Apple explain me why iTunes can't do it ????

Monday 27 July 2009

Apple Tablet

Apple's culture of secrecy is famous. It serves its projects, its marketing, its brand, its market position. Everything is so secret that rumor sites are rarely wrong :-) So Apple is apparently going to release a tablet device next year. A few thoughts about it, unordered, unfiltered, written as they come to my mind:

  • I have absolutely no opinion on a larger and more powerful iPod Touch. I am not sure to be interested myself. I not even sure the market needs it, in particular if it has an on-screen keyboard. Oh sure, Apple fans will buy one... But my jeans' pockets are too small for a 10" device and my backpack already contains a macbookpro.
  • given the position of such a "nettablet" on the market, between portable devices like phones and pods and laptops, I am scared to death by the App Store... Don't misunderstand me, I love the Application Store because it changed the model, it made a lot of things easier than they used to be. But at the same time, the App Store is locking down the market and forcing app vendors to sell and distribute through Apple and only Apple. That is a strong monopoly. And in my opinion a dangerous one. Given how Apple is filtering apps that appear on the App Store, given the time needed to make an app appear there, given the limitations of a single catalog of thousands of apps when you view it from a portable device with a small screen, I can barely accept it on my telephone but I won't accept it on my computer. I do NOT want to be forced to acquire applications for any of my computers through one single filtering channel. If you consider Apple's App Store, it's rather hilarious to see Apple engineers call for openness in W3C working groups :-)
  • on another note, I'd love to have an apple mac os x "netbook shell" to insert my iPhone into ; that would have a 10" screen, a real keyboard and a touchpad and would use my iPhone as cpu/hd... that would be seriously disruptive on the market, and probably a hit.

Thursday 25 June 2009

OS X little weirdness

A while ago, an OS X update had a strange side effect on my MSN client: after a CR to send an instant message, the focus was lost and the caret was disappearing from the editing area. Very painful because it required to click again in that area before typing a new line... I ended up switching to another instant messenger. Yesterday, I installed a few OS X updates, apparently all unrelated to this kind of issues and BANG the focus is back in MSN's editing area... Is Apple distributing minor fixes inside unrelated bigger patches? (yes, I verified the instant messenger client was not updated itself)

Sunday 21 June 2009

Apple, I am angry!

The photos are stored on an iPod 80Gig. The original pictures were lost, after a computer refresh from scratch following a viral infection and crashes. I originally thought the photos could be easily retrieved using iTunes... After all, if I can understand and aceept I cannot copy on an arbitrary computer the songs I bought, I thought that restriction does not apply to my own photos. But iTunes did not let do that : if I sync the photos with a new local folder, iTunes tells me that the iPod photos will be trashed and replaced by the contents of the local folder. Hey, that's my own photos and I cannot reach them ?!? I need to buy a tool like Tansee or CopyTrans to extract private pictures from an iPod ? Apple, one word : FAIL... That's a superb advertisement for DVD Jon's doubletwist or Songbird...

Sunday 14 June 2009


" The first apparent victim of the Twitpocalypse was The Iconfactory's Twitterrific for iPhone, which stopped working immediately following the event. ... Atebits Software's Tweetie has also been affected by the Twitpocalypse. The program continues to function for browsing and posting tweets, but searches no longer work in the Mac version and results appear one at a time in the iPhone version." -- Slashdot

Can I laugh ? :-)

Wednesday 29 April 2009


For some reason I can't explain, Spotlight decided it needs to index again from scratch my whole hard drive. Uuuh. It started roughly 2 hours ago and the spotlight panel says it still needs 2 hours to go. Is that a common behaviour for Spotlight? Did I break something? No idea :-(

Wednesday 14 January 2009

Mac OS X, builtin FTP server, UTF-8 and strange writing systems with painful diacritics...

If you give a Mac OS X folder a name containing diacritics, like "doré" (means golden in french), the local FTP server does not serve it as:


but as:


when the LIST of files is queried. In other words, it's d-o-r-e-acute and not d-o-r-é. See below the raw binary data.

300: ftp://glazou@localhost/website/
200: filename content-length last-modified file-type
201: \".DS_Store\" 6148 Sun%2C%2014%20Jan%202009%2017%3A09%3A00 FILE
201: \"dore\xCC\x81\" 0 Sun%2C%2014%20Jan%202009%2017%3A09%3A00 DIRECTORY

What's weird here is that the local storage of the file name seems to be the correct dor\xC3A9. I have verified this through at least 3 different techniques and always end up with the same result. The simplest way to verify it is to use Filezilla:

  1. launch filezilla
  2. open preferences > Debug and check Show raw data for directory contents (not sure of the translation, I'm using fr-FR version)
  3. connect to the ftp server
  4. browse the directory containing the "doré" directory
  5. see the raw data in the logger at the top of the Filezilla window
  6. locate the line for "doré" directory, copy that name
  7. open Firefox's JS console
  8. type a quote, paste your string, type another quote and end with ".toSource()", hit return
  9. see result : (new String("dore\u0301"))

That's very painful since a user may experience failures in ftp commands, and I think it's a rather big internationalization bug on Apple's ftp server... Does someone have a clue ?

Saturday 3 January 2009

iPhone surprise

Yesterday, I got a phone call while I was standing in direct sunlight and I had the big surprise to see appear on the top of my iPhone 2G's front something that is invisible when the phone is in the shadows. In the middle of the glass, one millimeter below the metallic edge and 4 millimeters above the phone's receiver, there is a small circular hole in the dark background of the glass. 2 millimeters to the right of that circular hole, there is much wider hole, 5 to 6 millimeters. Again, they are almost invisible in normal light conditions. They really look like a hole for a second front camera and a hole for a flashlight...

iphone holes

On the 3G, read this.

Monday 29 December 2008

iPhone Pro

Wow, that's only a mockup, but I would easily upgrade my 2G for that one...

Tuesday 23 December 2008

iPhone Nano rumors

Tiens tiens... :-)

Wednesday 17 December 2008

iPhone pot of gold

Holly cow...

Monday 24 November 2008


Things I love in my MBP:

  • the overall design and hardware quality (if you except the heat of the carter close to the right bottom of the screen when I build a debug build of xulrunner, I found only one issue : when you insert an ExpressCard, the blocking click happens too late. If like me you want to use an expresscard to read SD cards, it's really hard to push your card far enough in the mac)
  • the incredible quality of the iSight cam compared to what I had in my Sony laptop; and that one was already good.
  • Parallels. I started with a trial version but it's worth every penny.
  • the battery life.

Things I like:

  • the quality of the keyboard
  • the glossy screen, although I haven't tried yet outside of my flat or the office
  • the new touchpad, very very cool

Things I dislike:

  • the french mac keyboard just totally sucks when you're a developer. Key combinations are needed for {}[] \ and | and that's a bit painful when you code
  • more important, the metallic edge of the palmrest is a bit too sharp and it's slowly shaving a portion of my skin at the bottom of both arms... When the bone becomes visible, I'll sue Apple :-)
  • I miss the delete key and the page up and page down keys.
  • I really miss the ability to resize a window from any edge or corner.
  • iPhoto is very slow when it imports a laaaarge image library. Roughly twenty times slower than Picasa...

Things I hate:

  • gdb...

Things that surprised me:

  • the HD is a 1.8" Toshiba and I can hear clicks coming from it ; it's probably the most fragile part of this laptop.
  • the cpu fan is not of the best quality ever...
  • MacPorts installation broke once, twice, and only third attempt (I manually set CC env variable) installed it correctly. Yeah, I know, I found afterwards it's a known issue but still, very surprising.
  • I just updated the touchpad driver. I must say I did not have a single issue with that touchpad even before updating.
  • the USB ports are on the left hand side; when you use your right hand for an external mouse, it's not very convenient unless you have a wireless mouse.
  • Thunderbird surprised me too: first the junk mail controls did not work at all because it was a fresh install from scratch. There's a bug about this in bugzilla. I managed to have emails manually tagged as junk be moved to my Junk folder but other things are still broken. I also miss the incoming email notification in the windows version of Thunderbird. There's probably an extension meeting my wishes.
  • context menus do not work inside the menupopups of Firefox's personal toolbar. A bit painful when you want to delete a bookmark there.
  • lack of a good MSN Messenger client with full video and audio support. Fortunately, Parallels makes it easy to use the builtin iSight with Windows MSN Messenger.
  • the max angle between the keyboard and the screen is only 135°.

Thursday 20 November 2008

Et hop !

Premier article depuis mon MacBookPro !!! J'ai encore énormément de boulot pour en faire ma machine quotidienne mais je suis déjà enchanté par cette machine. Seul truc qui me gène un peu, il n'y a aucun client MSN potable gérant la video avec le son. Bon.

Monday 10 November 2008

J - 9

Rhââââââ :-)

Cher(ère) Distruptive Innovations,

Nous avons le plaisir de vous adresser cette notification d'expédition concernant
votre commande XXXXXXXXXXXX sur l'Apple Store.

Votre commande a été expédiée le 10.11.2008. Votre numéro de référence d'expédition est le XXXXXXXX.Vous devriez recevoir votre commande à l'adresse de livraison communiquée le ou avant le 19.11.2008

Sunday 2 November 2008

New MacBook and MacBookPro

One word : wait ? :-(

Tuesday 14 October 2008

Big blunder on french Apple web site !!!

The UTF-8-hit-me bug struck again, this time at Apple. During a few minutes, the title of the new MacBook page http://www.apple.com/fr/macbook/features.html did not show "Parfaitement conçu" (perfectly designed) but "Parfaitement con" (slang, totally stupid) !!! Here is a screenshot of the page, have fun.

Parfaitement con


Holly cow, what a neat gadget. Honestly, I could buy that one just for fun.

Thursday 28 August 2008

The iPhone accessory I miss #2

Found it !!!! Now I need to find a company here importing and distributing that beast....

Wednesday 13 August 2008

The iPhone accessory I miss

I love my iPhone. But I also love my iPod, and when I'm using my iPhone as an mp3 player, the button on the headset's chord is a lame replacement for the iPod's wheel. I miss the ability to move back in my playlist and I don't want to open my iPhone holster each time I want to increase or decrease the volume. I often pause music instead of moving forward because I did not click fast enough on the chord's button. I'd love to see Apple release an accessory looking precisely like an iPod Shuffle, or even better with a iPod 4G wheel, connected to the dock connector of my iPhone, with a jack for the iPhone headset...

Monday 11 August 2008

iPhone OS 2.0

  • more Safari crashes
  • typing an SMS can be _extremely_ slow, one char per second, I have no idea why
  • removing many emails from Mail.app was painful ; the new firmware makes it easy, finally.
  • from time to time, the button inside the apple headphones' chord is not recognized ; I have to restart the iPhone
  • an app - even a simple one like Notes.app - can take up to 5 seconds to launch
And if there's only one reason for the move to firmware 2.x, it's this one : Shazam. I tried it with french, swedish, american and british songs. Worked like a charm... Really impressive.

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