What's the value of an Afghan life for the news networks ?

Excerpt from Time Magazine, international edition, dated 16-sept-2002, page 20:

President Hamid Karzai narrowly survived an assassination attempt during a visit to Kandahar, the former Taliban stronghold. A man fired two shots...

This is false, a man shot more than two shots, as all the video recording of the scene showed it.

...into his car from close range.

About 4-5 meters...

Karzai's American body-guards immediately returned fire...

Please understand "after 5 seconds" instead of "immediately". In such a situation, 5 seconds is an eternity

... killing the shooter.

Shame on Time... No, they did not kill only the shooter. When the shooting started, a man was talking with him by his car's window. Hearing the first shots, he left Karzai and jumped on the attacker, certainly saving Afghan President's life. At that second, the American body-guard were so far away they could not even be seen by the camera. After a few seconds, the bodyguard started fire without distinction, killing both men, the terrorist and the heroe. An unconfirmed report says a third person was killed. Time Magazine did not mention the savior of Karzai, the mistake of the American special forces and their strange absence from the scene. What kind of journalism is that ? What kind of VIP protection is that ?

No Fun today people, I am shocked.