Tag selector

I am currently working on a tag selector bar for Composer, showing in the status bar all the ancestors of the selection. All these ancestors tag name are clickable buttons.

  • clicking on a tag selects the corresponding ancestor of the selection,
  • right-clicking on a tag opens a contextual menu allowing to
    • select the element
    • remove the tags of the element, ie preserve the contents of the element removing only the start and end tags of the element (in case of a table, the whole table structure is removed and the table is replaced by the contents of all its cells, in document's traversal order ; it means that if the table contains itself a table, the innermost table is preserved),
    • change the tag : for example to automagically cast an h1 into an address, preserving all the contents of the element

In a close future, this contextual menu could also allow to assign a class to the element and assign its ID. If you have a suggestion of enhancement for this tag selector, make sure to add a comment in the bug or drop me an email at glazman-AT-netscape-dot-com.