It seems that a few people, including the Phoenix team, misunderstood a previous post here.

  1. my comments were not negative and never intended to be perceived as negative ; I just tried to be factual.
  2. IRC public channels are, well, public. You prefer 'Jim said that he bla bla" instead of "<Jim> bla bla" ? Fine. But there are less possible errors with the latter. Oh and don't tell me that quoting IRC is not polite, all the blogs of the Mozilla community are full of IRC quotes.
  3. the lines I quoted were all sent in about two minutes time. Only caillon contributed to the discussion with 2 or 3 entries. I preserved one of them giving context info and removed the two others, giving no info and no context. Other entries during that time were unrelated to the topic.
  4. "disruptive technology" is not at all a negative term. It's commonly used in project and corporate management to designate a technology appearing in an organization, commercial or not, making another technology when the new one is clearly a challenger to the old one. Nothing more, nothing less. You don't believe that, or you never heard about it ? Check this link, read the book, re-read my original comments with a fresh eye.
  5. I never intended to let the reader think that Netscape is the hosting orgnization for Phoenix. Never. The first line of my comments speaks of, not Netscape. I am sorry if you understood the contrary but you were probably already too upset by your misunderstanding of "disruptive technology".
  6. well, CaScadeS became a Netscape thing at the very second I started doing something about it from my desk, from my workstation, using its network, during working hours. You don't believe it ? Be sure a lawyer will believe it. Can you be 100% affirmative that the person I am thinking of never ever touched a single line of Phoenix in these conditions ? If the answer is yes, then ok, I apologize for my last comment starting by "By the way".

Last thing : if I was putting people on a shitlist each and every time I strongly disagree with an opinion, my hard disk would not be enough for such a directory of the Human Kind. Before making a definite opinion about someone, especially after a reading that cannot express as many details as an oral discussion can, I try to learn more and check if my impression was right or not. But I am probably just too old.