Nigerian reviews

From Dr. Daniel Glazman, Senior Head of The Composer Bank of DevnullLand, son of everyone deceased in the area during the 4 last years.

Dear Mister Kin, I am a colleague of President Joe 'Mambo' Francis from the free Republic of the WoodooMoodoo. Presently there is a war going on in my component and so my family, linked to all the Royal Families of both the Old and Ancient Worlds, urges me to reach peace and please our customers.

After a careful study, it appears that the State of War could be stopped if and only if you, or one other member of your Cast of Super-Reviewers, review a diplomatic document and give it Your Approval. Even if I don't have about $20 Million united state dollars for this request, I decided to contact you to help me.

I am prepared to give you 20% of the acknowledgements for solving this big problem if you can assist me in super-reviewing this bug #179055 that my fellow Kathy 'Umbalala' Brade reviewed in bugzilla before the week-end started.

Please, do contact me immediately for us to discuss. As soon as I hear from you, and confirm your assistance you can be sure I and my descendants will hail your name during the 684 coming years.

Best regards,