What kind of country is that ? What the hell is happening to the US ? Read the following, that's an excerpt from the Washington Post:

The Bush administration is developing a parallel legal system in which terrorism suspects - American citizens and noncitizens alike - may be investigated, jailed, interrogated, tried and punished without legal protections guaranteed by the ordinary system, lawyers inside and outside the government say.


Probably the most hotly disputed element of the administration's approach is its contention that the president alone can designate individuals, including U.S. citizens, as enemy combatants, who can be detained with no access to lawyers or family members unless and until the president determines, in effect, that hostilities between the United States and that individual have ended.

If you are upset at the renewal of the "In God We Trust" motto, this is a joke made for you:

The reverend was in his church when the policeman came knocking on the door.

  • Reverend, your church is too close to the river and we are waiting for a major flood tomorrow. You must leave with us now. Please.
  • Don't worry my son. This church and my person are under the protection of God.

The flood comes and there is already one meter of water in the little Church. Then comes the rescue team.

  • Reverend, Reverend ! It'll be much worse in the two coming hours ! You must come with us.
  • Don't worry my son, I am sure that God protects me and I'll be fine.
The water level increases so much that the Reverend has to stay on the roof of his church. An helicopter comes.
  • Reverend ! We are here to help you, we are going to throw you a rope and you'll be safe.
  • No need my son. The water level is going to decrease, God is protecting me.

Finally, the water levels increases again and the reverend dies. He goes directly to Heaven and sees God in front of him.

  • My God, holy cow, where were you ? I was waiting for you and you let me die !
  • Reverend, you are a stupid asshole, who do you think sent the policeman, the rescue team and the helicopter ?