Aral or Arhell ?

If you have more knowledge of world's geography than G.W. Bush, you have already heard of the Aral sea. The Aral sea is dying, thanks to the Soviets who used the water of all the rivers going to the Aral sea to irrigate the coton fields. Massive environmental destructions, as always.

But that's not the most frightening about the Aral sea ! In its center, there is an island called Resurrection Island. It keeps growing because the water level keeps decreasing. On the western coast of Aral, the soviets had built an R&D biological center and, of course, they studied biological weapons. After the end of Soviet Union, the scientists have stored the remaining germs on Resurrection Island, in sealed barrels immerged in chlorinated water. They stored there 100 tons of anthrax. This was officially reported by american experts who visited the site in the late 90's and by a french medical newspaper "Le Quotidien du Médecin"; the newspaper was quoted by book author René Cagnat in his book "La rumeur des steppes". Important detail, René Cagnat is a former french diplomat, a very reliable source; he is now retired but stayed in Central Asia. He went there. He saw, he knows.

As I said above, the island is expanding, it will soon be linked to the coast. And some cases of animal anthrax have been reported on the island, showing that the barrels are not hermetic enough. Oh, did I mention that the Aral sea is in one the most explosive areas of the world, just a few hundreds of kms away from Afghanistan for instance, where misery is so high that everything can be sold and bought ? Everything. Even germs.

Hey, the reports mention anthrax barrels. But what else ?...

By the way, if you're a french reader, don't use the word anthrax in French, because it does not have the same meaning. English anthrax is French charbon. French anthrax is totally different and is linked to furuncles.