Mythology again

Tantek wonders what he would think of a school that teaches young children that the Earth is flat? Let me answer with two things:

  1. A british priest recently had a lot problems because he scientifically demonstrated to very young children that Santa Claus cannot exist; of course the children were shocked and cried a lot. I wish a UK journalist, always prompt to destroy peoples' reputation with a few lines, could ask the same priest to scientifically demonstrate that God exists. Could be fun, isn't it ?-)
  2. When I was a young child, I asked my maths teacher "what is 1 minus 2 ?". The answer came fast "that does not exist". So I took the calculator my father bought me in NYC (that was so expensive in France at that time that I saw my very first calculator, four operations with red LEDs display, age 8), and typed 1 minus 2 equals. I went back to school the day after saying to my teacher "1 - 2 = -1 !!! Below zero, there are the same numbers in reverse order with a minus before them". He took me apart and said "yes, that's true, and it's great you can understand it, but don't tell the others, they are not ready yet". I was 8 years and a half.

Mythology is that simple. The vast majority of people are just not ready.