I had last week a crazy discussion with a mozillian. Correction, with a colleague. The kind of discussion that makes me think that a company has usually four different types of employee:

  1. the "I play the game" employee. He/she is happy or does not care about the environment. He/she is fair with the employer and with everyone else.
  2. The "I still play the game" employee. He/she used to be in the first category above until the employer stopped being fair with him/her. He/she is ok to do everything for his/her employer but hates the feeling that his/her employer does not "play the game" itself back.
  3. The "I don't play the game but I let you play the game". Don't count on them but don't be afraid of them. The employer has almost nothing great to wait from this people but if you forget about the financial side, they are harmless. They could move back to the two first categories above under certain circumstances.
  4. The "I don't play the game" people. They don't care about the employer because they were in the second category above before another bad story. They won't play the game with you because they almost consider that the game is rotten; the employer is rotten; the whole thing is so rotten that playing the game is pointless. They now play their own game.

I'm still in the second category above. I usually resign before moving to the fourth one, and often even before the third one. Please, if you already hit the third or fourth one, don't contaminate me. It's too early.