This is so ridiculous. Our good friend Håkon Wium Lie, le ci-devant norwegian CTO of Opera and Master-Keeper of the CSS Temple, falls into a conspiracy mode. It really sounds like "Mother, my older brother bothers me all the time"...

  1. Employees of Microsoft are not mutants with super-powers but only humans. They can do errors. They can even do big errors. Hey, some of them may even be incompetent.
  2. WHy do you care about MSN.com anyway ? Opera is just against Microsoft, period. Opera users should not need MSN.com. Make the site unreachable from Opera! Make it now!
  3. Håkon should apply at Microsoft to teach all low-level employees that when a product manager says "Opera", it's not the badly pronounced first name of a TV star. He should also teach all the product managers to stop chewing a gum and using a Kentucky's accent when speaking over the phone.
  4. Does Opera really need such a PR noise ? Isn't it more harmful for Opera than for Microsoft ? Most of the people around me (and most of them are not netscapers or mozillians) think this rant by Opera is ridiculous.
  5. You should have titled this "MSN.com considered harmful for Opera".