Tonight, on my way back from work to home, at the top of the escalator coming from the subway station, I was physically and verbally attacked by a black man. He was, with another one (apparently his son), blocking the exit of the escalator. I said "pardon" and his son moved to let me pass saying sorry; but the older man moved on purpose to block me. I could not help but touch him with my computer backpack. Then he hit me, strongly, shouting and calling me a "f*cking white racist". The family of the man was around, about 4 women and another man. The son of the man was very friendly, apologizing for his father, and a woman was friendly too. But the others were incredible, accusing me of having a violent attitude, of having hit their relative, of being a racist. My reply was simple "You called me a f*scking white racist, this is a racial discrimination forbidden by French law, let's go the police station around the corner right now". That made the man even more upset, but his son was now really frightened and took his father away.

This is a promise, starting today, I'll sue for racial discrimination whoever insults me with racial arguments.