I've been MozillaZined!!!

Following MozillaZine's article about my blog entry below, I have received an incredible number of emails in just a few hours. Thanks all, but senders should not expect an immediate answer since I have visitors at home tonight, and tomorrow is a holiday in France and I will stay away from my computer.

I just wanted to make a few clarifications right now:

  1. I do not decide of the future of Composer. I just listed my personal ideas about what I think we should do to preserve and make evolve this tool. I can be right, and I can be totally wrong. Everything is open to discussion. You want a specific addition to Composer ? CONTRIBUTE!
  2. Composer is and will remain a content editor. I think it is not realistic to schedule a site manager, nor is it realistic to compare a free open-source tool like Composer to a commercial closed-cource tool like Dreamweaver MX. It does not mean that we can't beat DW on some aspects though :-)
  3. People asking for super-geek features (believe me, I read requests so crazy that I wonder if I will reply) should realize that geeky environments are a perfect counter-advertisement for non geeks. That's not what Composer needs, imho.

I will probably summarize all the comments/requests and my replies here in my blog. Stay tuned.