Composer++ : people, let's start dancing...

I am going to post a few patches for Composer in the coming days:

  • Better support for image/table resizing; I have fixed number of bugs in the trunk's code and have improved A LOT speed.
  • Support for absolutely positioned objets. Three new toolbar buttons allow to:
    1. extract the selection from the normal flow and make it an absolutely positioned object; and of course put it back in the normal flow if desired
    2. Increase the z-index of such a positioned object
    3. Decrease the z-index of such a positioned object
  • resizing is extended to absolutely positioned elements :-)
  • Positioned objects are movable in the viewport by drag and drop :-)
  • two new CSS-alike properties -moz-user-move and -moz-user-resize allow to control resizability and movability of all elements in the editor
  • inline table editing; it's a new class of table UI allowing to add or remove a row or a column from a table in one click only.

Don't get me wrong. I am not going to write code for this. The code is ready (any analogy with a previous situation where this sentence was used is a coincidence) and has been extensively used. It just has to be checked in.

Here are a few screenshots for a little teasing...

Stay tuned...