Flying to Oslo tomorrow morning, back next thursday.

Update: no, I am not going there for an interview but for a W3C meeting....

Blog with comments

Very seriously, one of the main reasons why I didn't want to add to the current blog the ability for visitors to leave comments is my fear of trollers. I just didn't want to moderate comments, and unmoderated comments unfortunately lead to excess and abuse. I didn't want to see insults or insane rants written by others on my web site. Thanks Anthony Davis for showing me I was right.

By the way, his french is really bad. I guess he is proud of it. See below...

Languages and scripts

Oleg asks why I love so much languages and scripts. Probably because after the color of our skins, it's the very first indicator of the human diversity, and I love human diversity. I love to listen to languages, I love to be able to know their roots and origins, I love to recognize a language when I hear it. I love the beauty of scripts and am always fascinated when they are in perfect (Armenian) or incredibly awful (English) harmony with the language. I love to see the influence of a civilization on its language and vice-versa. Because I can't travel so much, I start learning about foreign cultures through books, films and then language and script. I could drop computers to start a degree in compared linguistics and spend the rest of my life on reconstructed indo-european and the occurences of basque toponimy in western Europe :-)

The easiest language to learn is the fifth one -- anonymous