When the Netscape lay-offs were announced, I was very suprised to receive a support email from a neighbour from our condominium... With Maria and the children, we're sad to see Fernando, Laurence and their daughter Carlotta move back to Madrid today.

Alliance W3C/Coco Vika

All praise Coco Vika's waiter!!! The CSS WG members were having dinner in that restaurant in Oslo (Norway) last monday evening when we were all infected by the laptop-on-the-table fever. I wanted to transfer a big file from my laptop to Bert's but my compact-flash card was only 256megs for a 360megs file. So Bert turned his laptop into a 802.11g base... 5 minutes later, all the laptops were on the table and the Opera folks were even connected to Bert's laptop using Bluetooth telephones... Suddenly, something unexpected happened and that NEVER happened before. At least, it never happened during the CSS WG meetings I attended. The waiter came and said "Hey guys, COME ON, shut down the laptops!!!". And it worked. Well almost worked ;-) I think that all W3C Working Groups should have their social events at Coco Vika.

Oh by the way, I did some crazy things during W3C face-to-face meetings in the past. But it's certainly the first time I COOK for the Working Group members!!! Seems they liked my "salmon à la Daniel".