Wanna join W3C ? Better be a US company !
  • annual fee for members associated with MIT (mostly from North America): $57,500 or $5,750 for small companies
  • annual fee for members associated with ERCIM (Europe, Africa and Middle East): 60,540 € or 6,054 € for small companies

As of today, 60,540 € = 1.1609 x $ 60,540 = $ 70,280.9... This means that EMEA companies pay an annual fee 22,23% higher than American companies!!!!!

Everyone, everywhere, connected, but better in the US thanks a lot. Shame on W3C.

Update: I have received an answer to the current post from W3C. Since I find the reasons given to me quite unsatisfactory, I'll explain soon in a new post what's W3C's position here (call that a "droit de réponse" if you want) and why I think it's bad.