Zeldman minus minus

This was not a good idea at all.... Zeldman's last article is available on Macromedia's web site in Flash !!!! What's the next step evangelizing for standards compliance ? An article in RTF on MSDN ? Ah no, because search engines could index it, and fortunately they can't index Flash. Hmmmm. Ah, WordPerfect for Macintosh seems to be a good candidate. Jeff, I respect you a lot, but this time you lost a good opportunity to say "No. You Macromedia are asking us Zeldman, Meyer and other famous gurus to promote your image of excellency on the Web. An article in Flash is not excellency, that's bad. Bad for accessibility, bad for indexation, bad for interoperability. Yes, I know, Flash is your jewel. But if you want my article, not in Flash, period". Think about it for next time, please.