Determinant of the Matrix...

... is not equal to zero, you can find its Inverse. Kimberly Blessing, Dave Hyatt, Tantek Çelik, Iån Hicksøn (but some airport dudes apparently call him now Hicham El-Hickson) and I went to see the Matrix Revolutions. David Baron unfortunately could not find any tickets and had to wait for us. The scenario was as expected quite bad, everything was easily predictable, from the beginning to the end. Dialogs are bad, despite of a few funny moments. Special effects are really cool though and deserve the price of the ticket. Some characters are poorly used by the scenario, like the Merovingian and his wife. In conclusion: much better than the very bad Reloaded, far behind the first movie.

But attending that movie was also fun because it's also a direct contact with the US : a few people were dressed for the movie and we saw a few Neos, a few Trinities, and even two Twins with an impressive make-up. The 6/7 year old boy dressed like Neo was very funny. We had to queue more than 90 minutes (!).

Stopped at Starbucks on my way to HP where the CSS WG is meeting today. I wish I could find such a good expresso everywhere in Paris, french expresso is now closer to water with a taste than to italian coffee. The pretty blonde girl behind me in the queue at Starbucks heard my accent and started discussing with me about France and oh what a beautiful country where do you live Paris is such a wonderful place you are here for business oh that's cool first time you come here oh... Eh.