A taste of San Francisco

So I am in San Francisco right now sitting at Tantek's place, after a late lunch with him and Doug Bowman (Tristan, Doug te transmet son bonjour:-) and a little tour with Tantek and his girlfriend Amber. Looking at the stores around (and some of the visitors too), I suggested to rename the street Hashishbury instead of Ashbury. Feels like Amsterdam's red light district minus the red lights (you know what I mean) and the coffee shops (you also know what I mean, don't you?).

So I left a very sunny San Diego this morning to get rain showers here. Call it luck. So we're back at Tantek's because it's really not the best day for promenade lovers like myself. I hope the weather forecasts are better for tomorrow but in SF, you never know, the weather can change so suddenly...

Is it WiFiland ? Wherever we go, even in the small crepes restaurant where we were, laptops easily hit 3 or 4 open WiFi networks... It is amazing to see that so many people open access to the network they pay for and share connectivity with total strangers, having even no idea where they are! This is so different from the way WiFi is perceived in Europe, hotspots becoming more and more commercial. I suppose WiFi is the new internet bubble in Europe. Telcos are pricing hotspot access so high that I am not expecting a real positive answer from the public. We'll see.

I'll have dinner tomorrow night with a large part of the former Netscape Composer team and I can't wait to be there! It's been so long since I saw them! And on monday, I'll meet with Mitchell Baker, our beloved Mozilla Chief Lizard Wrangler before having dinner with Pavlov. Hey, that's been a while too :-/ Unfortunately, I won't have the time to visit the Mozilla Foundation and all the good friends we have there. Very sorry for that, I promise I'll spend some time in Mountain View next time, probably at the end of February.

On Tantek's request, I will start tagging my post entries with a lang attribute and I'll probably add a Babelfish button at the top of this page to auto-translate its french portions into English.