Fun and food

Too much food... I spent a wonderful time tonight having dinner at the Cheesecake Factory at the top of Macy's Union Square with ex-colleagues Stuart Parmenter (aka Pavlov), Heikki Toivonen, and our friend James "imajes" Cox. The food was just excellent, really excellent. Of course, I had enough Miso Salmon for three persons, Pav had enough for five and....and James left his plate empty. Hey he even had cheesecake after that. We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed our dinner.

Just before that, I had the joy to finally meet Mitchell Baker and visit the VERY nice offices of OSAF.

I also had a great dinner the day before with Akkana and her husband, Charles Manske and his wife Dawn, Kin Blas, Simon Montagu and Joe Francis. Again, a lot of fun, long discussions and delicious food. I'll start a diet when I'm back in Paris ;-)

It was such a pleasure to see them all again. I miss Netscape and the Netscapers.