Consensus, at last

A team of France 2, french national tv channel, has followed a section of the famous 82 Airbourne, deployed in a small Iraqi town, close to the Syrian border. The documentary was shown this evening on France 2.

  • Soldiers are young and have no fight experience at all; only a sergent in the whole section has experienced real war conditions in the past.
  • None of the soldiers believes in this war. Even the officer expresses deep concerns about their presence in Iraq.
  • Could someone explain US soliders that "if we keep having problems, let's vitrify the whole country" is not funny?
  • One of them said "I understand the people, I would do the same if troops were occupying my village in the United States".

At least in Vietnam, it took more than just a few months to hear such opinions. Congratulations to George W. Bush. He finally reaches a wide consensus in the US. Hey, don't tell him the consensus is against him, it would not be nice to be too harsh with a mentally handicapped.