Languages starting with "X" be doomed

When I look at XPath 2.0 Last Call draft, I like even more CSS and the simplicity of its Selectors. And in fact I am glad that Håkon Like and Bert Bos wrote black on white that CSS must not become a programming language. Corollary, the more I look at XPath, the more I think a transformation language based on CSS selectors is a good idea. Hey after all, CSS Selectors were here before XPath and XSLT, they reinvented the wheel.

I don't even mention any more what I think of XSLT, you already know about it...

XQuery... Aaaaaah XQuery. Look at this example. XQuery is a mistake, a BIG one.

Conclusion: 3 languages, but 9 specs needed to explain them. Wow. Simplicity rulez!