Mkhedruli, Khutsumi, Asomtavruli. You said Iberia ?

A few times per month only, I really enjoy the Web, because it provides me with information I just could not get otherwise... First, try to buy a Georgian newspaper here in Paris. Georgian ? Yes, I mean from the country Georgia, not from the US state! I was looking for such a paper today because of the events in Georgia : Chevarnadze, who was already at the head of the contry 33 years ago, resigned today under the pressure of the street. So I wanted to take a look at the web site of the most active georgian student community against Chevarnadze, called Kmara. I found I can"t read Mkhedruli and I don't understand a single word of Georgian but I find the writing so beautiful...

Starting from there, I wanted to find some news about Georgia coming from georgian sources, but written in english, french, spanish or swedish. Browsing from URL to URL, I was very happy to find OMNIGLOT, a great site about writing systems made by Simon Ager. Kudos to Simon for this impressive work! Omniglot has now a nice spot in my personal bookmarks, with L'Ethnologue and a few other linguistic sources.

I hope you'll enjoy it too. OMNIGLOT contains tons of information, and deserves a loud "bravo"!