This is Microsoft...

This could be a MAJOR proof in the european trial against Microsoft. Excerpt from Michael Robertson's weekly letter (he is the CEO of

Mail sent by a Lindows reseller's reply

Date: November 25, 2003 13:01
Subject: Microsoft Trial

Hello Kendall,

i,ve got a strange phone call this morning from Microsoft Netherlands. They are saying that they are preparing a trial here agains lindows and
they want to involve my company DV Computer Systems ( in this trial because i sell my computers with Lindows Operating System (I'm am the
only bronze builder here).

Next Friday they are coming to me , to talk to me about this. What i understand from that phonecall is that they want that i stop selling Lindows OS computers.

I don't like this but when they are taking this to court and involve me then i must stop selling Lindows OS because i don't have the money for lawyers.

I hope you or your staff have any suggestions.

Grtx Hans de Vries

Computer Systems

Re: Microsoft Trial--


First, thanks for working with as an international partner.

Your email was very disconcerting to read because it seems like another example of Microsoft attempting to eradicate all competition through any means. While they say they invite competition, behind the scenes they seem willing to take any actions - including blatant extortion - to squash competition.

I want to assure you that we will do what we can to support you. I understand you have a meeting this Friday. Although it's the Thanksgiving day holiday weekend here in the US and I was hoping to spend time with my family, I will commit to personally attend that meeting and sit alongside you.

Please confirm the meeting today with the Microsoft representative and I'll make travel plans accordingly.

Thanks again for being our partners. Together we are bringing CHOICE back to the PC business.

-- MR

Michael Robertson
CEO, - World's Most Affordable Choice

In the meantime, Israël's Minister of Commerce drops MS Office and moves to Open Office (link in danish, I am too sick today to find the english equiv)