From time to time, when a big company stupidly sues a small one or even an individual, the result is totally counter-productive. Even if the big company wins, the loss of image is so important that the global thing is a failure. We've seen so many examples of those trials during the last eight years. But that one deserves an award:

Mike Rowe, web designer. 17 years old. MikeRoweSoft. That's funny :-) He is a kid. Now, is there any risk a Microsoft customer types instead of Clearly no. Is there any risk Mike Rowe builds a 50,000+ employees company competing with Microsoft in the forthcoming years? I think we can safely say the risk is minimal. Is there any risk for Microsoft if it sues the kid for trademark infringement? Oh, sure, Microsoft will be again the evil empire, suing a kid for an harmless joke. And after all, it's really his name. So now, how much does the group of canadian lawyers hired by MSFT cost for that legal action? Corollary, is it worth the money? Clearly, too much and no.

Think I am exagerating? That a company must protect its name regardless of the side-effects? Well, read this article on The tone is quite negative about MSFT, and it's presented as David vs. Goliath. And it's nothing compared to other news reports; a lot of them laugh at Microsoft for doing that.

And what about by the way? And, or even, with 'r' and 't' being so close on our keyboards...

That's just totally ridiculous, and Microsoft is again increasing its bad image. Well done folks.