iPaq cool downloads

So I have now two iPaqs 5555 in front of me. One running Familiar and Minimo and one running Windows Mobile 2003 and Pocket Internet Explorer. Minimo is 100000 times superior to Pocket Internet Explorer. And Familiar Linux is often better than Windows; in particular, it can rotate the screen so I needed to find a utility doing the same on Windows.

  • Nyditot virtual display, a must-have, super-powerful... DotPocket is another tool for rotating the screen and changing the resolution, but I found it unstable and crashing.
  • Once you have installed the above, MultiIE is also very useful
  • Topkey, useful and really cheap


1. On Wednesday 28 April 2004, 09:07 by berkut

iPAQ 5555:

100000 times? huh.. that makes me want to get a pda myself