I have switched to Thunderbird 0.7 because of the multiple identity per account support. It's a great feature, I really needed it. But the feature is a big buggy. If you want to use it, you have to read the following:

  1. a new identity associated to an account will NOT use the corresponding SMTP server but the default SMTP server... That will allow you to add identities to one account and one only; if you try to do it for a second account, you have a problem with the mail server...
  2. it's probably a side-effect of the same bug : all mails sent using such an identity are saved in Local Folders, not in your account's folder.

Everything is probably caused by the way those identities are created, they are probably pseudo-accounts, and the default values for thos pseudo-accounts use the default SMTP server and the Local Folders. At least, it's a plausible explanation. But the bug is very annoying.

Nevermind... Just make sure you're running 0.7 and not a release candidate :-/ Sorry for that, Scott.