As I wrote a few days ago, we have received a lot of help proposals for the localization of Nvu. It's hard to process a so large number of emails because we have to read all messages to know the languages you are able to help about and so on. So, if you are willing to help on Nvu's localization, please resend a mail to daniel AT glazman DOT org with a subject line beginning with


and make it follow by a whitespace and the code of the language (ISO 639-1 preferred), and by an optional whitespace and keyword "main" if you already have a community set up for that purpose. If by chance, you already have a L10N package ready for Nvu 0.30, include the extra keyword "ready". For instance:

[NVU-L10N] fr
if you want to help french localization
[NVU-L10N] sv-FI main
if you want to help swedish (Finlandssvenska) localization and already have a community for that
[NVU-L10N] ja ready
if you have a japanese localization of Nvu 0.30 ready for release but don't have a community organized for that

Do not add anything else to the subject line, please. If you add the keyword "ready" to your subject line, please include all information regarding your existing community to your email. If you don't tag your email as described above, it won't be detected by my filters and will be thrown away. We are going to list all the proposals on a new page on, sorted by language. So, if you do send me an email, it means you explicitely agree to have your name and email address included on that page.

Once we have those lists and mailing-lists/web pages pointers, it'll be much easier for you to start working together. You'll be responsible for everything beyond that point. We won't provide forums or mailing lists on a per language basis, that's just impossible given the number of proposals.

The result of your work, based on Nvu versions not older than 0.30, will be made available from We won't list L10N packages for 0.20 or earlier. It can be a link only if you have your own web hosting; we'll just ask you to let us know how many downloads you have, for instance on a monthly basis.

Thanks a lot!!!