Oval office fun

- Dick, the situation is going really bad in Iraq, they have caught a Marine now, and we'll soon need two more bodybags...
- yes, f--- yourself, George, f--- off
- why do you curse like that?
- I don't really know, it's a new twitch, I need to curse at least once a day; hey, it even happened to me in the Senate :-)
- my mom told me to wash my mouth with soap when it happens, go to the bathroom Dick...
- but George...
- George is the President of the United States...
- grmmmblllll
- so what are we going to do in Iraq? Americans start thinking this is out of control, that we fail keeping that country at peace
- I have an idea
- like your usual ideas or worse, Dick ?
- let's give back their sovereignty to the Iraqis right now and our problem becomes their problem..
- Remarkable idea, let's do that. But is it going to change the situation there, I mean what about the oil?
- bah, Iraq is still ours
- Dick, I love you, if you promise to curse less, I take you to San Francisco to marry you
- uuuh, George
- hey Dick, now you can curse!

The true face of happyness, isn't it....

this guy smiles only when he is fined by the highway police