I don't know what's happening. My body is here but my brain is still far away from Paris and far away from this computer. I am working, but feel no pleasure from it. I am coding, but I find more interest in the shape of the cloud above this building and the life of the two squirrels who settled in the cedar. I am debugging, but is that the life I am looking for...

In another life, I want to be a cook, a cabinetmaker, a singer, a writer. And not a geek.

Si seulement j'avais grandi
à l'ombre de son arbre,
celui qu'Aoedé désigna
pour lui apprivoiser la gloire;
si seulement j'avais suivi
son chemin en terre d'ambres,
qu'aujourd'hui ne ferais-je pas
dans son humble conservatoire.

And apparently, I am not alone.

Update: yes ZigZig, this post _is_ serious.