Last time I touched a Mac keyboard was in july 1989... This morning, I have installed the Mac G5 and I must say it's an impressive machine. First the size: it's big , very big, too big. Then the look, it's nice very nice. Finally the silence: it's silent, very silent, almost totally silent (in fact, only the HD are noisy in that big alu box!!!).

Let's start the beast to see... wow... to see. WOW, how will I ever be able to touch again a Windows or a Linux box? Everything on that G5 is great, even the polystyren packaging is well made!

Let's start Safari. And wow the progress meter in the URL bar and, what the hell??? Safari starts on slash something, of course, and that page starts with a big image. On my 1280x1024 TFT screen, that image is badly resized and the visual experience is just bad. Wow. Really bad. A drop in the ocean of quality of that G5.