In substance, that email I got a few hours ago says that Nvu's UI is a big shit, that Nvu is fundamentally flawed conceptually as it stands just like most Open Source software, and that we need the message's author's brain to help us because _he_ knows UI design.... Just the kind of messages I love to receive after a long day of work. And the worst is that the person is well known, that I read his writings on a regular basis, and he _does_ know UI design very well.

Tsss, tsss... I can perfectly agree with the fact Nvu's UI is perfectible, that some features are not very easy to understand or could be done totally differently. I can also agree on the fact Nvu does not really follow the Holy Rules of commercial software development, with designers, product managers and the whole Army Of Geeks.

But is it really a reason to be unpolite, and to tell the truth, insulting and exceptionnally arrogant?