Some books deserve to be read more than once. Because they are good books, because your perception changes with time and so does your knowledge. You may have missed something just because you could not see it. It happened to me yesterday evening, reading again a chapter of the world-famous "Les Indo-Européens" by Jean Haudry.

" Et le dux germanique choisi, dit Tacite, en raison de sa valeur alors que le roi l'est en raison de sa noblesse, est l'homologue du « chef d'armée » (λᾶϜαγετᾶς) mycénien. "

And suddenly, I saw what I have missed in this sentence at least three or four times. Just read the greek word...

Note: to see this correctly, you need a font for Unicode chars 0380-03ff (including 03dc) and 1fb6.