I can't believe it!!! Laurent just told me about the removal of the stylesheet switcher. This is ridiculous and I have two good reasons to say that:

  1. the stylesheet switcher is A CONFORMANCE CRITERIUM of CSS 2. Excerpt from section 3.2 of the specification :

    5. If the source document comes with alternate style sheets (such as with the "alternate" keyword in HTML 4.0), the UA must allow the user to select one from among these style sheets and apply the selected one.


    A user agent that renders a document with associated style sheets must respect points 1 - 5

  2. a lot of blogs offer alternate stylesheets to improve browsing experience and reader's pleasure

After the removal of the JS Console and the Source View, I think it's highly time for Firefox to stop doing crazy things like that. A buggy (but used w/o problem by a lot of people) feature was better than nothing at all.

Update: "Work offline" is gone too!!!