Suddenly, and Zeus only knows why, when I open Windows Explorer and click on the C: drive in the folers panel (not on the + icon to unfold but on the text itself), Explorer freezes and crashes after a minute or two). Before that, I tried to connect a network drive but the permissions on the other side were not granted so it failed. I have no idea how to fix this *%*%$$££#~@ of Explorer. HELP!

UPDATE: fixed with a GREAT help from Neil Mitchell... Neil, thank you so much, I was ready to reinstall my laptop. If this ever happens to you, create a "zips" directory under c:\ and move all your zips and exe sitting in c:\ into c:\zips. That should be enough... And it's largely enough to prove how lame as a system Windows is. Yes, even Windows XP. This kind of problem should *never* happen.