People, I am happy to introduce HTML Overlays. Yes, overlays. The kind of overlays we use all day long in XUL. I have written a very small JS file to add overlays to HTML4. And it works in Gecko-based and Internet Explorer. All comments and suggestions welcome.

PS: just wanting to thank Simon Willison who let me reuse his addLoadEvent function.

Update: back to Caesar... Our friend Doron has let me know he implemented a similar overlay mechanism in a former professionnal life in a big lame group. Sorry Doron, I never heard of it before and found no public ref since it was strictly internal...

Update #2: works in Safari on OS X 10.3.5. Should work also in MacIE modulo the addition of an stylesheet linking PI to an empty sheet (hackhackhack).

Talou, Laurent Jouanneau, Doron Rosenberg Simon Willison