I am back in 1983. I am still a teenager, and I love my iPod. Some other (real) teenagers look at me with dark eyes when they see the white earphones. And I like to see their dark eyes; yes you chose the tiny cellphone, I have the iPod! I feel I could even kiss their pretty girlfriends just to make them upset a bit more. The music invades me, I am invincible.

I now understand why iPod owners are so crazy about it, why they think other MP3 players are pure crap, why they can't travel without it. It does not look like a toy, it's not low quality plastic, the UI is amazing and so simple my friends could understand it in less than a minute. Who needs a User's manual with such a product quality. iPod is to MP3 players what MacWrite was to WordProcessors. So simple you wonder how you did before. Despite of the Majors that keep telling us that digital music and the piracy around it kills music, I think that I found the first real incentive in ten years to buy new CDs or online music. We already knew what letting the Flim and/or Music industry design a format is the best way to kill the format, design a security scheme is the best way to make films and music copyable. I know now that Music industry does not even understand its own market. They are lightyears from the customers.

I love my iPod. Contaminated, yes :-D Go Apple, go!