Because Ian Hickson is often ahead of all other people (I don't mean he has already first results when you start only looking at the problem, I mean he has already understood, solved the whole issue and moved to something else long before you even start perceiving there is something to look at), he wrote long before me what I am going to write now. Ian, I apologize. You were perfectly right when you wrote that your blog is your blog and people should stop reading it if they don't like it, and I see now exactly what you meant, even if you were damn wrong with that rant against the AOL FR IC people.

So my blog is my blog, stop reading it if you don't like it. I just don't care how public my name is on the Web, that's not going to change how and what I post on this blog. Never.

« Je deviendrai "sérieux" seulement sur mon lit de mort. Mais après le dernier soupir, pas avant. »