1. starts on a tangential view of the earth, the planet turns from the back of the frame to its front
  2. appears the blue "e" of Internet Explorer, a very big e, standing on the north-western part of the US, and the camera approaches that "e"
  3. from behind, appears an orange "Fir fox" with a gap instead of the e
  4. "Fir" and "Fox" come to the front, surround Internet Explorer's "e" that starts shaking, looks on both sides, screams and runs away. Then the orange "e" from Firefox comes to fill the gap.
  5. the logo turns on itself and so does the camera to show the whole planet with the name Firefox on it
  6. the name and the globe dissolve into the Firefox logo
  7. appears the motto "Firefox, take back the Web" with the URL below

Who has (much) more graphics designer's talent than me to do it, in APNG, AGIF or Flash ?-)