I am almost sure what happened yesterday night in Egypt at walking distance from the israeli border and in two other sites was not triggered by the Palestinians. It's been decades since the last serious threat on that touristic area, probably because of the jordanian and egyptian influence. In this area of the world, you can easily walk from Egypt to Jordan crossing Israel. And Saudi Arabian border is just a few kilometers away, it's possible to see from Israel and Egypt the cohorts of trucks going from Aqaba to Jiddah and Riyadh.

Israel has Eilat, Jordan has Aqaba, and Aqaba was already a town of local importance two thousand years ago, Egypt has Taba. Tourism is vital to Eilat and Taba, tourism is tremendously important to Aqaba. Nobody there has any interest in threatening the sole local industry. The King of Jordan and the President of Egypt have enough influence and power to send Palestinians a no-go message about that area.

The Taba Hilton is the place where took place israeli-palestinian negociations some time ago. It is a symbol, and it's so close to the israeli border that all tourists are going to flee, from Taba for sure, and from Eilat most certainly. I am pretty sure Aqaba is also going to be impacted. That was a very well chosen target, and a target Palestinians never touched.

Mr Mubarak, you have a problem in Egypt and that problem's name is certainly Al Quaeda and/or the armed branch of the local Muslim Brothers.