People, Disruptive Innovations is one year old today.

It's already been a wild ride, and I can't believe everything started only 365 days ago... For those who wonder, the company goes well, still 100% self-funded; we're now two in the company (hey, that's a 100% increase after all!), we are currently discussing very interesting new contracts and even partnerships. A year ago, I was only dreaming of such a healthy situation and I am greatly pleased to be so lucky. I don't know how long it'll last, but for the moment, I'm having fun in my work, and that's certainly the most important thing here. Laurent and I perfectly understand we are immensely lucky to be paid to work on Mozilla. I pay tribute to the Lizard every morning for that, and I think we'll build a small shrine at the office ;-)

Nvu gets better and better reviews each time, we successfully built a whole community around it and the app is improving every day. Hey can you believe I even build on a mac ?-) Our RelaxNG editor is on a great path, thanks to the hard work done by Laurent Jouanneau. Our other customers are happy with our work, and they let others know about it. They're happy, so we're happy.

Remember: Innovations, Standards, Open Source and Chutzpah :-)