Today's issue of Le Journal du Dimanche in France, has a short introduction on Firefox on the front page and two long columns in page 17. With a big color photo of Ben Goodger, Brian Ryner and Asa Dotzler. I'll scan it tomorrow morning and provide a translation. Overall, the article is very positive, and they even interviewed a Microsoft France's manager who acknowledged that Firefox's focus on security is a concern for Microsoft. The guy also quotes Thunderbird, directly challenging Outlook.

Note for the MozFo people: I'll send you the pages by postal mail so you have a real physical copy.

BTW, the MSFT guy is right, FF 1.0 is here now, it's now HIGHLY time to focus on Mozilla Thunderbird, offer the full power of's home page to the forthcoming Thunderbird 1.0, have a working and so on. THUNDERBIRD ARE GO!