We're already 2 days behind schedule because of the mac and fedora builds. It's related to the #ifndef MOZ_XUL_APP and #ifndef MOZ_THUNDERBIRD, the latter assuming there are only two apps able to build using the aviary, Firefox or Thunderbird, no other choice. Benjamin Smedberg was kind enough to help a lot, but issues remain. Sorry to say, but basing Nvu on FF 1.0 is not realistic for 0.60.

So this release is not going to be based on FF10 because it makes no sense to have it only available on windows.

Then I wanted to fallback to 1.7.3. Can't do it. Someone has forgotten to tag mozilla/toolkit with MOZILLA_1_7_3_RELEASE; well, forgotten... Since Seamonkey does not use it, I wonder if it's not in purpose. If it is, I remind readers that Sunbird and Nvu are not based on the aviary for the moment and are not full MOZ_XUL_APPs.

So it's going to be based, again, on the 1.7.1, because I know it requires no extra work for this release. This is terribly depressing.