• First experimental PHP support
    • PHP <?php ... ?> chunks will be preserved correctly in the markup. Warning, they are NOT preserved correctly as attribute values.
    • Comment <!-- .. --> preserved correctly in the markup
    • both PHP PIs and comments are now visible in the Normal View. Warning, they are also visible in the Preview View, that's a bug
    • Clicking on a PHP or comment icon in the Normal View allows to edit the PHP code or the comment in the status bar of the winow
    • Saves correctly documents
  • Line numbering in the source view. Warning, the caret is initially badly placed when entering the source view.
  • Copy and Paste hacked to stand line numbering
  • added treeProcessors.js to be able to register tree processors to be called (a) when the document is loaded or when the app goes from Source to Normal (b) when the document is saved or when the app goes from Normal to Source

windows build  Official Windows installer (20050107)

Fedora2 build  Official Fedora 2 tarball (20050107)