Nvu 0.90 is now available from its official web site http://www.nvu.com or the official mirror below, thanks to Olivier Gambier hosting it. Linspire 4.5 users should download it through CNR. With a new theme designed by Linspire Inc. and more stability, we're approaching 1.0. The next official release will be a 1.0PR before the final one. Stay tuned!


  • pinger now allows connection settings
  • text selection now allowed in Validator's result window
  • DIV now added to Block format dropdown and menu (requested by Beth Epperson)
  • link to "Localizing Nvu" added to Help menu
  • Theme Manager was not showing "Restart Nvu to use theme"
  • the Link dialog has now a "this is an email address" checkbox so people don't have to know the syntax of mailto URLs (that's a VERY frequent feedback)
  • the Link dialog can now handle the target attribute in the MoreOrFewer section
  • PHP and Comments now hidden in Preview mode and correctly displayed in AllTags mode.
  • new default theme, icons designed by Linspire Inc.
  • Mac OS X need-to-quit-twice bug fixed
  • Printing was horked. Printing a document was always printing the document in the last window's tab
  • the pinger and the Tip of the Day were not launched if the app starts with the Site Manager hidden.
  • table cell properties were allowing attribute modification only once
  • much faster Source-to-Normal switch
  • minor bug fixes

Known problems

  • vertical resizing of a table using the mouse also changes the width of the table by a few pixels
  • pasting text in the Source View overwriting an existing selection has bugs if initial selection was made clicking on line numbers

windows build  Official Windows installer (0.90)

windows build  Official Windows tarball (0.90, zip)

linux build  Official Linspire 5.0 tarball (0.90, Linspire 5.0 (Marlin 4.9.448), gcc 3.3.5, gtk2, xft)

linux build  Official Fedora3 tarball (0.90, Fedora3, KDE)

mac build  Official Mac OS X disk image (0.90)

sources  Official source tarball (0.90)