The end of the tunnel... So we're finally there, in sight of Nvu 1.0. Trust me, it's been a wild ride. I started Disruptive Innovations mid-October 2003 and it really seems to me it was just yesterday morning. Mozillanews wrote about that a year ago, and I have this feeling I did not really sleep between may 2004 and now. Nvu gave me so much work that my movies' and books' todo lists are almost endless. It also gave me tons of happy moments. But since I live in Saint-Germain en Laye and work in Saint-Germain en Laye, I almost did not leave the city in a year and a half. Having two little kids does not help I'm afraid.

If I am strong enough to keep that promise - and nothing is less certain - I will probably change of rythm after 1.0 release. I need to care more about myself or I'll end up at the local hospital.

Unfortunately, I have a dozen of ideas for the future of Disruptive Innovations and I wonder how long I will resist implementing them. Call me a geek, eh.

Speaking of geek attitude, my friend Kevin Lawver asked me how I'm going to celebrate the release of Nvu 1.0. And I have no idea ! It could be cool to meet all local Nvu supporters and fans in a pub in Paris... Suggestions anyone? Who would be interested in Nvu 1.0 t-shirts?-)