People, I am immensely happy to announce the immediate availability of Nvu 1.0 Preview Release from its official web site or the official mirror below. Linspire 5.0 users should download it through CNR. This is the very first release in the History of the Mozilla editor to be able to natively edit XHTML1 Strict documents. It also includes a direct link to a contributed User Guide, thanks to Charles Cooke's excellent work.

It's also the first time we release an Nvu milestone simultaneously in several languages: Dutch, English, French and Russian. Many thanks to Gert-Paul van der Beek, Flore Allemandou, Sébastien Desvignes and Alexey Gubanov who made it possible. Wait, why 4 languages only??? Because it was a first test, we needed to know if we can handle this sort of things. Now we know! And we hope to have much more locales ready for 1.0final :-)


  • Connection settings were not saving proxy ports.
  • changes in About dialog.
  • Inline Spell Checker enabled by default.
  • new dialog allowing to disable the Inline Spell Checker when the user switches from Source mode to another Normal/AllTags/Preview.
  • added Charles Cooke's User Guide in Help menu.
  • copy and paste in the source view fixed
  • support for HTML 4.01 Strict and Transitional, XHTML 1.0 Strict and Transitional
    • new persistent checkboxes in File > New dialog
    • new prefs in Tools > Preferences > New Page Settings
    • prefs is always honoured, including launch time for the first created blank document
    • UI elements not allowed by the DTD of the current document are disabled
  • new Help contents, contributed by KDS Sahambi
  • small toolbar icons by default
  • Font Face dropdown menu moved to second format toolbar to keep a compact window
  • PHP and comments now hidden when located between table cells/rows/etc, ie in places where visibility would break the table layout.
  • it was impossible to remove a form element from the Form dialog.
  • on linux, dropping a file on the source view inserted an image or a link in the source
  • default theme's icon and preview were not displayed
  • it was impossible to revert to default theme
  • fixed 0.90 regression from 0.81: it was impossible to launch nvu <url>
  • a lot of minor bug fixes

Known problems

  • in XHTML documents, Nvu 1.0PR serializes empty script (for external scripts) in the form <script src="..." /> with no end tag. This is perfectly valid XML, of course, but an old piece of crap a browser called MSIE chokes on it, of course. To avoid that, tweak those elements in the source view to give them a content, for exemple a whitespace char.

windows build  Official Windows installer (1.0PR)

windows build  Official Windows tarball (1.0PR, zip)

L50 build  Official Linspire 5.0 tarball (1.0PR, Linspire 5.0 (Marlin 4.9.448), gcc 3.3.5, gtk2, xft)

linux build  Official Linux 2.6.10 tarball (1.0PR, Linspire 5.0 (Marlin 4.9.448), gcc 3.3.5, gtk2, xft)

F3 build  Official Fedora3 tarball (1.0PR, Fedora3, KDE)

mac build  Official Mac OS X disk image (1.0PR)

sources  Official source tarball (1.0PR)